Do Manufactured Homes Go On Permanent Foundations?

  • 12 months ago
Beige manufactured home with burgundy shutters

Manufactured Homes & Their Foundations

Every home needs a foundation. It is what keeps the home above the ground. Foundations also keep moisture out, insulate against the cold, and resist the movement of the land around it. There are several types of foundations for homes that include slabs, crawl spaces, and basement foundations. The foundation of your home will depend on where the home is located, the bedrock of the area it will be installed, your budget, and your personal preference when you build a new home.

Manufactured homes are becoming a popular option for new construction all over the United States. Despite not being different than traditional homes and not always built on-site, they too need foundations to be built on. There are also permanent and temporary foundations. So, which do manufactured homes need to be on? Manufactured homes should be placed on permanent foundations. This is necessary to protect them from shifting soil and moisture. 

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