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Are South Carolina manufactured homes right for you? Learn more about the benefits and advantages of prefabricated homes.

Beige manufactured home with burgundy shutters

Do Manufactured Homes Go On Permanent Foundations?

Manufactured Homes & Their Foundations Every home needs a foundation. It is what keeps the home above the ground. Foundations also keep moisture out, insulate against the cold, and resist the movement of the land around it. There are several types of foundations for homes that include slabs, crawl spaces, and basement foundations. The foundation of your home will depend on where the home is...

Gray manufactured home with black shutters

Why A Manufactured Home Is A More Practical Choice For You

Learn more about the practical reasons for choosing a mobile or manufactured home. Mobile homes and manufactured homes have become extremely popular over the past few years, especially for first-time home buyers. One of the reasons that these types of homes have become extremely popular is that they are a very practical choice for home buyers. However, you may be wondering what makes manufactured homes...

Gray manufactured home with black shutters and white trailer skirt

Consider a Mobile Home

Why You Should Buy A Mobile Home Mobile homes make great first homes. Down payments and upkeep costs of a mobile home are much easier on your bank account than those of a traditional home.  Mobile homes appreciate in value.  Statistically, mobile homes appreciate in value more than most real estate. This has to do with the land your mobile home is on.  Mobile homes are less...

Gray manufactured home with white trim and green grass

The Perks of Living in a Mobile or Manufactured Home

Moving from a standard residential property to a mobile home can require owners to exit their respective comfort zones a bit. This switch, however, comes with a great deal of noticeable perks. At Lumbee Homes, our customers are always sharing the unexpected benefits of making the move.  Some benefits include: Moving from a standard residential property to a mobile home can require owners to...

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