Consider a Mobile Home

  • 4 years ago
Gray manufactured home with black shutters and white trailer skirt

Why You Should Buy A Mobile Home

Mobile homes make great first homes.

Down payments and upkeep costs of a mobile home are much easier on your bank account than those of a traditional home. 

Mobile homes appreciate in value. 

Statistically, mobile homes appreciate in value more than most real estate. This has to do with the land your mobile home is on. 

Mobile homes are less effected when the housing market crashes.

When there is a crash in the housing market, 10% is a lot more on a traditional home than a mobile home. Also, when the economy is hurting people are looking for more affordable housing, like a mobile home.

Mobile homes are a better investment than renting.

Like a traditional home, a mobile home gives you a return on your investment. Renting is like a blackhole of expenses that you never see any return on. When the time comes to move out, you can sell your mobile home and put that towards your next home. When you rent, your landlord just moves onto the next tenant to pay the bills.

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